Doxson is a division of SsK Academy. Doxosn is a British pioneer in the fields of education and career consultancy. It targets making students' aspiration of getting the best education services a dream come true. It also provides and coordinates career services whose outcome is attaining excellence and distinction. Our extensive experience in education and career consultancy enables quick selection of the targeted destination.

In a radically developing arena, Doxson is one of the few institutions that have met changes in the education industry with innovation. We believe that service is everything, whether in a short-term course or a long-term research degree. The product is only as good as the service that accompanies the process of its completion. Our target is to provide the highest level of service for every client who trustfully depends on us.

We investigate and evaluate your selected qualification to make sure that you are making the right investment. We consider it our responsibility to ascertain that you are choosing a qualification that is recognised, accredited, and approved by the leading universities and organisations in the different industries.

Our services to students cover:

  1. Registration with accredited language schools
  2. Admission Service
  3. Transportation
  4. Advice on Student Visa Application
  5. Accommodation
  6. Academic Service
  7. Courier Service
  8. Professional Courses & Qualifications

Admission Service

Implementing our knowledge in proper application preparation combined with using our experience in matching your application to the right university can significantly reduce the probability of your application being rejected or delayed. As a result, you can potentially reduce the cost and time involved in applying to university while reducing the risk of rejection.

Doxson will act as you single point of contact. From the moment, you decide to study abroad, to the completion of your course.  We can advise and help you with everything from deciding on the right course, choosing a suitable university to apply and getting accepted.  We will also provide advice and support on other related matters.

Faster Response to Your Application

We are in direct contact with university admissions staff, which means we can answer you quicker.

Anytime Tracking Service

Because we speak to our partner-universities on almost daily basis, we can check the progress of your application regularly. We can also give you feedback whenever you need it.

Wide Range of Courses

Through Doxson, you can apply for almost every course on offer whether you are interested in studying an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, a Ph.D., an English course or a training programme.

 Our admissions include the following levels:

  1. International Foundation Courses
  2. Undergraduate degrees
  3. Postgraduate degrees

You can apply for courses all year round, but we can advise you about the best time to apply and about application deadlines.

Doxson has everything you need to get you started. We will help you take a step closer to a brighter future


Registration with accredited language schools

Doxson offers through its partners language courses in a variety of locations across to suit all needs and budgets. All our partners are accredited by their national educational authorities. Whether you want to learn a language, improve your language skills for business, self-improvement or intend to sit for accredit exams, with Doxson you will be sure to find a Language course that’s right for you where you want.


University Life 6

Airport Transfer

Doxson can arrange a reliable meet and greet service for students who wish to have someone waiting for them upon arrival to pick them up from the airport and take them straight to their accommodation, be it private accommodation, university campus accommodation or Homestay accommodation.



Our aim is to help our students find the best accommodation available within the least amount of time. Students can choose from a variety of accommodation types:

  • Homestay: single room, breakfast only/half-board; shared room, breakfast only/half-board
  • Executive Homestay: single room with private bathroom, breakfast only/half-board
  • Private Home: single room/self-catering
  • Student House: single room/self-catering

 Advice on Student Visa Application

We advise our students on the procedures of British visa application. This involves guidance regarding the documents required, instructions for correct filling in of the forms, and precautions to avoid visa denial. We send the student an acceptance letter from his/her selected language school or university along with a letter from Doxson to support the student’s visa application.



 Courier Service

Doxson offers a fast and reliable service for students to send application forms, transcript of records and other important documents to any British university or worldwide. Students can also request to receive I-20s, admission packets, transcript of records, and any other important immigration documents from any university worldwide.


Academic Service

No matter how linguistically competent you are, working for long hours on your document makes your eyes get used to it. Then, it becomes quite likely that you may miss some small details that become difficult to spot despite revision. Having fresh eyes to review your work ensures that these small details are picked up.

Besides, if you were distinguished in your specialisation but were not fully competent to present your work in a satisfactory written form, this would leave a bad impression on your target readers. If your incompetent writing holds your progress back, let our editing service help.

Our Service includes:

  • Proofread assignments and research papers
  • Edit lecturers' notes, course descriptions, presentations and papers for publication.

Our editing service is limited to:

  • correcting punctuation, spelling, and grammatical mistakes as well as typographical errors;  
  • adding cohesive words if need be;  
  • correcting wrong word choice;  
  • Fixing the format: underlining, bold, and italics usage; indentation, paragraphing, margins, and line spacing; fonts, etc.




Professional Courses & Qualifications

Rise to the challenge!

Doxson helps you to find an impressive range of professional courses & Qualifications which is developed to meet the standards of the most respected professional organisations.


Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?